Prague City Scape, November 2014

Prague City Scape, November 2014

Prague, Czech Republic–a dream city best seen in its quiet moments–just after sunrise, in the rain, on a chilly day–any of those moments when the less devoted are snoring or  sheltering in their hotel rooms.

Prague was not bombed during the World Wars so centuries of buildings are still intact and in use.  Although their facades remained unchanged over the years, they’ve been occupied all along,  their interiors being remodeled again and again to suit the needs of centuries of tenants.

Karluv Most from Letna, Prague, Czech Republic, November 2014

Prague’s Bridges from Letna Park

Prague is vibrant and alive and seems never tired.  It thrums and surges with the energy and joy of a youth.  Both ancient and young, today’s Prague is just 25 years old, the Czech Republic having thrown off communism in 1989 during its non-violent Velvet Revolution.

Prague’s two most famous landmarks are the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The castle dominates the city skyline and when I think of Prague I think of that castle, the city’s spires and orange roofs.

Smetna Statue, Prague, Czech Republic

Smetna Statue, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a fairyland. Every street cobbled or decoratively paved, every building looks like a wedding cake, festooned with heavy baroque scrolling, topped with statues  wearing  golden halos. Entries are made of  giant, wood carved doors and curling wrought iron gates.

The street fronts hide inner gardens, restaurants, cafés, and shops. A surprise waits beyond every archway and around every corner.

My walks around the city were spent with eyes wide and jaw dropped.

Prague is unforgettable. It engraves itself upon your heart.