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Old Town Warsaw New Again

October 26, 2016,  20:30 Warsaw Time, 2:30 PM NY Time

In Old Town, Warsaw

Coolish weather here, but no rain today. After a late, leisurely start we were able to cross off a couple of the intended places, but still have Mme. Curie’s home to visit tomorrow.

It has been a day of opposites. In the Warsaw Museum we saw pictures of the city as it appeared before World War II and after. The first, a 700 year old cosmopolitan “Paris of the East,” the latter simply rubble–the city emptied and then bombed to bits as punishment for the occupants daring to rise against Hitler’s occupying force.

We learned that during the post-war years the inhabitants joined together to rebuild the city in just the way it was before the war, gathering from the rubble the same bricks and stones used to build the originals. Buildings here have two building dates inscribed on them–the date of the original construction and then of  re-construction.

Old Town Warsaw

Old Town Warsaw

Holy Cross Church, Warsaw. Resting place of Chopin's heart.

Holy Cross Church, Warsaw. Resting place of Chopin’s heart.

The Royal Castle is one of those re-constructed buildings and, though I’ve been in several castles in Europe, this was by far the most opulent. The pictures below will give you the idea I think.

Throne Room, Royal Castle, Warsaw

Throne Room, Royal Castle, Warsaw

A private dining room, Royal Castle, Warsaw

A private dining room, Royal Castle, Warsaw

King Stanislaw August Poniatowski's Bedroom - Royal Castle, Warsaw

King Stanislaw August Poniatowski’s Bedroom – Royal Castle, Warsaw

Modern Warsaw didn’t stop at simply rebuilding its old self. Today’s Warsaw architecture is almost proudly avant-garde. Its buildings are of curves and glass and light. Will get some of those to add before we leave.

Leave a comment if you’d like by clicking the word comment at the top of the page and until later, happy trails and I hope all is well with you.

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you have the time to post. I so enjoy seeing your travels. We all look forward to your return to work after your vacation. (we keep saying you are on vacation and will return) 🙂 enjoy

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