Green Rivulet, Norris

Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Springs 2 Mammoth Springs 3

Mammoth Hot Springs Falls



These are a few pictures taken in Norris and Mammoth Springs areas of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The top two pictures were taken in the Norris area’s Porcelain Basin. This area is has lots of little and not so little bubblers and rivulets, including the vivid green one you see here. The place billows with vapors and the air smells strongly of sulphur. Signs warn visitors to walk only on the boardwalks because the waters are boiling and acidic.

As you can see, the Mammoth Springs landscape is surreal. It is difficult to fathom that we are looking at calcification rather than a waterfall — though there is water throughout the area and flowing over the edge but most of what you are seeing is solid. Again, the air is acrid and sulphurous.